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Our quality is based on the requirements of the quality assurance standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
Our service is founded on long term commitment, trust and continuity in dialog with our partners.

Through our global supplier network we are able to supply the specific product needed by our customers. Our partners have the same high quality standards as we have and the supplied product is guaranteed by us.

GMS is recognized by other european chemical industries as an experienced partner for marketing and distribution of its products.

Our contract production team produce chemical raw materials and product modifications such as concentrates and granulates. We also supply packing variants for all forms of materials and sizes including small packaging, for your special needs.

We provide for long-term financing of equipment components and offer special long-term supply or procurement contracts.

Trained GMS employees and experienced partners dealing with international transportation guarantee maximum safety and reliability in the transportation of your product. Whether its by air, road, rail or the seas, we work out all the logistics of getting the product to the final destination.